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Membership in the World Marketing Association opens the door to maximum exposure of  your  business. The association offers its members advertising programs that are proven effective and economical.

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Take advantage of our business membership package. Register today for access to business tools, expert advice, how-to resources, retail savings & more!.   In addition to the various support programs available to WMA members, the WMA also maintains close working relationships with members and many organizations throughout the nation that offer special discounts for products and services. Join Now and move your business forward faster.    VIEW HERE!  

Members Reward Programs


  •  Book of the month club 
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Medical discount card
  • Car rental assistance
  • business building tools
  • Business video training
  • Promoted Banner
  • Special Reports


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Programs for business development.

  • Move your business forward faster

Traffic generators

  • Internet Radio-Banners- Video Promotions

We reach out to real people

  • Marketing with your bottom line in mind.

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